San Diego - Barrio Logan Entryway


PT Dong Sang Metal has developed a good reputation in building steel trusses and building components. We can make any size with capabilities to manufacture trusses from less than 1 ton up to 40 tons in weight. You will find our trusses in buildings, equipment and even on highways and roadways.

The photos to the left show the fabrication, installation and finished product of one of our truss projects. The colorful new Barrio Logan gateway sign arches over Cesar Chavez Parkway in San Diego. PT Dong Sang Metal produced the steel trusses specified for the project.  Architect Vicki Estrada, with Estrada Land Planning, designed the sign concept, using a collaborative process initiated by the Port of San Diego. Community input was obtained during several public outreach meetings held in Barrio Logan attended by residents, property owners, business owners, and artists. Inspired by the neighborhoods complex history, the cornice contains a variety of combined symbols that represent the community. Click the photos for larger view.

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