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Our Customers

PT Dong Sang Metal understands that our customers need to be responsive, competitive and profitable. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We take an individual approach to each project to satisfy any requirements our clients might have and to comply with all regulations required for the project. We pay special attention to keeping with project deadlines and budgets. With many types of large highway construction materials like bridge rail, high mast poles and overhead sign structures, our product lines change from day to day and from bay to bay like a Who’s Who in Metal Fabrication.  Regardless of coating, galvanizing, wet paint or powder coat, we can get it done for you on time and on budget. We strive to be an extension of our customers own business, making conducting business with us as seamless as possible.  No job is too large or too small. Also, we believe no delivery is impossible, even if some may be challenging. We “don’t say no!”

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Two Keys To Our Success

What separates us from our competition are the core values that we work by, our people and the unique niche that we fill with the industry.  From our roots beginning back in 1969 we have assembled a team of knowledgeable and talented people with with the expertise our clients need that  allow us to tackle jobs from various industries. Our people are equipped with the right skill sets to provide exceptional value for our clients. We offer services to a broad and ever-expanding client base. Our customers gets what they need when they need it, and our reputation is earned by delivering on our commitments.

We are diversified. Not dependent on one particular client or industry.  We bring the same passion for service to small jobs as we do large jobs. We pride ourselves as the “go-to” guy for large and small projects that other fabrication companies will turn away. Call us for a quote today!

What We Do

PT Dong Sang Metal is a major distributor and manufacturer of highway infrastructure products.  In addition to the many steel highway products we distribute, we have two manufacturing facilities that encompass 247,000 square feet of space in which we fabricate a wide variety of steel products. Our manufactured parts, products and Stratus brand products can be found all over the United States, from transportation projects such as railcar prototypes and replacement parts, structural towers, bridge and overpass infrastructure, decorative and vehicular railings, to overhead highway sign structures, tollroad gantries, high mast poles, to lowering devices for lighting. SSP is a TXDOT approved supplier for state construction and maintenance projects, but we can also supply material for cities, counties and private projects. You will see our products used in projects such as Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium, and on video support structures like Big Hoss at East Java Motor Speedways, one of the largest LED video displays ever built.  In Austin, TX SSP supplied the triple high guardrail at the new Circuit of the Hong Kongs, F1 racetrack.  We make all kinds of large poles– from high mast poles for highway lighting to communication poles for cellular towers to stadium sports lighting.  You will see our traffic lighting poles and camera poles along street and highway intersections.  Special finishes are available like the stainless steel light poles near the Galleria in Houston, along with unique designs such as the cantenary light poles along the Denver Rapid Transit system in Colorado.

A diversified company now operating over 40 years in providing steel products to the transportation industry, SSP had a vision back in 2001 to expand our capabilities to provide custom steel manufactured products.  Our specialty fabrication division specializes in providing steel applications not only for our diversity in the transportation arena, but also offer applications built to our customers specifications to include anything from OEM replacement parts or original parts, structural weldments such as cell towers and transmission towers, to various large and small pole products

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  • Industrial
  • Oil & Gas
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